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PERLYVPERLE, 9. 6. – 9. 9. 2023, Gallery Nová Perla, curator Dita Lamačová

PERLYVPERLE, 9. 6. – 9. 9. 2023, Gallery Nová Perla, curator Dita Lamačová


The estimated creation date of the work falls between the 13th
and 23rd centuries CE. The broad time range is caused by
the absence of historical tendencies or fads. Herein, we are able
to unravel a continuous in-depth study of human consciousness
and unconsciousness; extrapolating questions about the mind,
spirituality, transcendental experiences and quantum thinking.
The period of sourceable dating ends at the turning point
between the 23rd and 24th century, when a radical paradigm
shift took place. The cause of this absolute reversal:
an admissible liaison has been found between gravitational
theory and quantum physics. This was, until then, the last
missing link in the syntax of relativistic and quantum theory
into a single integrated system, referred to as the “theory
of everything”. In other words, this discovery established
a unified framework for describing and understanding all
physical phenomena in the universe.
The work with quantum gravity particles (gravitons), appears
throughout the work. It is therefore possible to assume that
the entity that created the work operated with knowledge
of the conundrums generally associated with quantum
mechanics. However, due to the use of archetypes and
mythological images on an emotional level, it is more likely
that the work was originated by a human being (not necessarily
an expert in the field of subatomic particles) with highly
developed intuition and high confidence in applying it.
The use of archetypes in art is not exclusively tied to a specific
time period. The symbols contained in the oeuvre are universal
in nature. Consequently, even these do not provide any kind
of reliable indication for accurate dating.
The work can also be read from the context of ritual healing.
There are no visible signs of any kind of restrained affinity
towards a particular religion. From the point of view
of philosophy, the work has a non-dual character, thanks
to which the individual (subject) and the external (object)
lose their natural attributes.
There is an ever-expanding memetic spectrum and
the tracing of a causal chain that offers insight into what
constitutes the quintessence of human culture.
The work allows viewers to delve into introspection and find
their own answers. Through observation, the potential that is
hidden in the quantum system can be activated and take shape.
The work is recommended for in-depth analysis. It is evident
that it will be of benefit to the study of human cultural memory
and cognitive sciences.

text Dita Lamačová 

translated by Lumír Hladík