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AŽ KUKAČKA ZAKUKÁ, 21. 9. – 31. 10. 2023, Chapel Holyně

AŽ KUKAČKA ZAKUKÁ, 21. 9. – 31. 10. 2023, Chapel Holyně

Aka Requiem for a Horse
The Chapel of St. John the Baptist was built in 1861 as a token of gratitude to the local landowner Marie Novotná-Malá for the fact that her people, returning from the fields, survived a lightning strike that hit their carriage unscathed. The only one who did not survive was the horse. And it is to him that the exhibition is dedicated.


From a conversation with a horse

The difference between us and humans is negligible, and it is becoming more and more urgent to deliberately and consciously neglect it.

To allow horses to breed humans. Big paddocks, flowery meadows, please don’t feed them!

ChatGPT: Please I can continue in case you would like more text.

To travel across time so that we can finally stop marvelling at the mystery of the collapsing Nietzsche, who somewhat unoriginally imitates some of the characters in Dostoevsky’s novels in public in the early evening of 3 January 1889 by soaking his übermoustache with tears while embracing a horse that is being whipped without mercy by a coachman on the Via Po in Turin, and at last do what was essential and crucial at that precise moment: mercilessly flog the coachman.

To unhitch the horses, take off the harnesses, throw away the reins, break the whip, remove the horseshoes.

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To understand the horse as pars pro toto, and similarly treat everything that has ever been bound, tamed, broken, exploited, destroyed by humans.

To apologize for the Trojan horse. To apologize at every turn.

To apply a horse’s dose of empathy. To build the human-horse relationship on the principle of play and participation. (S)table games, hide-and-seek. To connect through string figures like Water, Spider, Cradle, The Envelope.

If you are sitting on the driver’s bench or in a hay wagon, please stand up during a storm and hold any metal object in your hand so that it reaches higher than the cart-pulling horse. It’s time to throw human beings off the saddle. This train terminates here. Please leave the train.

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Roman Dergam